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Through Our

Home Ownership Program

   You Will Sell More Homes

Because We Will BUY Them From YOU!

We aim to join forces with every Real Estate Agent in Nebraska.

You can turn more leads into clients... because we're looking for more people to buy homes for...

"Possibly make another sale ... from a situation that you have otherwise been missing out"

We have been investing in real estate for over 33 years.

Right here in Nebraska!

Let your leads & clients know there is a Third Choice, another option to help conquer the journey of owning a home even with BAD/NO CREDIT.

Our program is on an individual basis, credit scores and bank "Debt to Income Rations" have NOTHING to do with our qualification process.

How you can use this "tool" our Home Ownership Program for your benefit is HUGE! Even when your clients are qualified for a loan and yet it is still not enough, for the house they want to buy. Our program can help.

How Does This Work To Your Extreme  Benefit?

Why should I even consider your Home Ownership Program for doing business?

It will be an extra “Tool” to make you a LOT MORE sales, maximize your leads, and make you
more commissions – let alone when you work with us for the first time, we give you an extra
$1,000 bonus when we buy a home from you!

We have dealt with over $6 Million dollars

In combined real estate that we have contracted for our candidates.. so far!

$1+ Million dollars in combined equity

That our candidates have accumulated, just by living in their own homes!

We have expanded our program to


No matter the price or where in Nebraska they want to live!

Realtors Who Have Taken Advantage Of Our
Home OwnerShip Program


Reach out to them for their perspectives.

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Kim Wilcox | Broker

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Tami White | Realtor

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Joy Parkinson | Realtor

If you have ever dreamed of saying “home sweet home” but find financing to be a challenge, contact Booth Corporation. They can be your real estate ally. I have worked with Booth Corporation and their clients and found the process to be seamless. Everyone deserves the chance to own a home and Booth Corporation is a great alternative when conventional financing is not an option.

“As an experienced and dedicated Realtor, I firmly believe in the power of
homeownership rather than paying someone else’s mortgage. As a former
teacher, I find inspiration in Jim Booth’s program, which effectively teaches other
adults about the value of homeownership because this program shares the
importance of real estate investing and its potential to benefit others.”

No matter your budget, your needs, or your timeline, I would love to help you navigate the waters and do the legwork for you to find exactly what you are looking for! I am dedicated to giving you the best experience possible and will be the bridge and service you and your family can count on. Allow me the opportunity to put my experience to work for you, to be a trusted companion throughout this process, and build results from that which means most to you.

Financial Graphs

We are a family owned private Real Estate Investment company that has grown and expanded to include a wide variety of investments.

We are constantly broadening our investments while holding to our idea that real estate is the greatest investment anyone will ever make. Whether you are well off or not so well off, real estate, and specifically home ownership, is the best way to create wealth.

Suburban Street

Our Team

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James C. Booth

& Cindy Booth


"We can buy as many houses as we want. We just want to find people to buy homes for. Let's work together.... and you will SELL, and we will BUY a lot more homes!
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(402) 644 - 8320


405 E. Norfolk Ave Ste. 100

Norfolk, NE 68701

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8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Anytime By Appointment

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